Sunday, October 28, 2012

Old friends and best friends

     A couple of months ago, I came home to a message on my answering machine.  It was from an old friend, Carol.  We met over 30 years ago as new ICU nurses and became close friends.  When my husband graduated from college, we moved back home and Carol and I maintained a long distance friendship for several years.  Then kids and family and work interfered and we lost touch.  We ran into each other 2 years ago at the Maine Quilt Show and talked briefly, then nothing until the message on my machine.  It seems Carol is the president of the Hancock County Quilters and they were having a Quilt Retreat in Bar Harbor in October.  She asked if I would come and bring my friend, Pat, with me.  That is where I spent last weekend and had the most wonderful time.
     The retreat was held at the Atlantic Oceanside Conference Center and the theme was Quilting on the Orient Express.  Though Pat and I love Japanese fabric, we had our own agenda and the brochure promised that you could take advantage of the numerous classes and lectures, theme movies and Make and Take projects...or you could bring your own projects, which is what Pat and I were most in need of.  I promised my 2 kids and son-in-law and son's girlfriend quilts for Christmas.  I made the promise last year after getting my new Janome machine and in my initial excitement, had no idea what I was promising!  Only one of the 4 is complete so I needed to focus!  I was able to complete the entire quilt top for my daughter and was so encouraged that I have finished the quilt top for my son-in-law too this past week.  I also made the item that will be my give-away when I participate in my first blog hop next week, called U R Priceless.  Unfortunately, I can't show my accomplishments as my daughter reads this blog, but I can show my first attempt at paper piecing...a little pumpkin pincushion, that I was able to finish also.
     The dinner on Saturday night continued the Oriental theme.  The lady on the left, Charlotte, was seated beside Pat in the sewing room and had the same machine as I do.  She was a wealth of helpful hints for me.  Carol is next to her, then myself and Pat.  A lovely time with lovely ladies.

     Pat and I took advantage of every minute to sew, forgoing the movies.

     All the rooms had balconies that opened to a view of the ocean.   These pics were taken from our balcony.   There were 3 cruise ships in port when we checked in.

     This is the pumpkin paper piecing project from Simple Quilts Magazine, and I finally finished the quilting and binding on my small Pam Buda quilt - along.

     When Pat and I drove through Ellsworth on our way to Bar Harbor, we saw a sign outside an old house advertising wool for sale.  It was closed on Friday and we asked about it at the Trenton quilt shop when we stopped in.  They said that it is owned by a gentleman who is a full time nurse and does this in his spare time.  He hand-dyes all his wool, but his hours are sporadic.  Surprisingly, when we passed it on Sunday afternoon on our way home, the sign said open and we pulled right in.  The shop is called Wool 'n' Ewe and was like being a kid in a candy store.  Gorgeous wool and as I was paying,  noticed a case with a few antiques.  I was able to get the pink Depression glass sugar and creamer for $5.  A wonderful end to a great weekend.   And Anna from Woolie Mammoth....another wool-loving nurse!  Well, hubby is calling for me to spend some time with him....he calls my time on the computer "wool porn".  More later............

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fiddlehead Artisan Supply

Spent a wonderful day with my best bud, Pat.  We left for  Belfast to check out Fiddlehead Artisan Supply.  Neither of us had been there before but we were both impressed with their booth at the Maine Quilt Show in Augusta.  The shop was wonderful!!!  We found wool and linen and all the newest lines of fabric, ribbon and even a stamp pad for fabric.  Had a great lunch at a Pub next door.  Not a bad way to spend a rainy afternoon.  Here's a sample of my finds.  Pat did equally well at stimulating the local economy.