Sunday, April 6, 2014

A few gifts.........

My little girl turns 28 tomorrow....I had already given her new yoga clothes, her favorite thing to wear.  I just had to send another package.  It was a free pattern I found when making the round of the blogs I like to follow...can you guess the meaning behind it?

And a few more clues:

She is actually giving her dad and I a gift....sometime in late October.  I am going to be a new grandmother !!!  For the first time !!!  In my excitement when cutting out the little pants, I guess I thought the elephants had one row facing up and one facing down.  It wasn't until I was all done and showing my husband, that I noticed the elephants were ALL upside down.  Oh well, the baby will be able to look down and see them correctly!  I do have more fabric so will be making another pair.  Several quilts in the works......can not wait!  Happy Birthday, Jennifer   xoxo