Monday, September 24, 2012

New Blog!

Hello!  This is my first blog post...I finally took the plunge!  I have been following quilting blogs for almost a year now and love reading them, but wasn't sure it was for me.  I guess I thought I may not have anything worthwhile to contribute.  Then I started getting replies from comments I've left on other people's blogs and have even won a few giveaways and realized that there are a lot of kind quilters out here I am (with a little help from my computer whiz brother).  My day job is being an RN in a busy Day Surgery Unit, but even though I only work 3 days a week, it's interfering with my sewing!

I have known how to sew for years, even made my own clothes at times while in high school, but the last few years, while busy with kids, my sewing has been limited to making curtains whenever I redecorated.  My best friend started making me a wool table runner every year for Christmas and every year, I would think that it was something I may like to do.  Last year, I ordered a kit from Primitive Gatherings and from that moment on, I have been a wool addict.  I got a new Janome 6600 for my Christmas gift from my husband, turned the kids playroom into a sewing room when my youngest left for college  and now, if only there was a bathroom in the basement, I would never have to leave!


  1. Yay - welcome to the world of blogging!

  2. Cute site, Joyce. You, Nancy & John put me to shame with all your creativity. However, since I have been the recipient of creative endeavors from each of you, I shall NOT complain!