Wednesday, September 18, 2013

4 months later.........

Even though I haven't posted since May, I have done a little sewing...but not nearly enough.  I have made 3 or 4 items from the Zakka Along 2.0, but never in time to link up....except for now.  Who would have thought that my 21 year old son would be the one asking for homemade items!!  Boggles the mind, but he did request a quilted bag for he and his girlfriend.  They had each bought a Kindle Fire, then picked their fabrics and I started in.  Was so happy to have them finished and called him to stop by after work to pick them both up.

Imagine my surprise when he called after getting to his apartment.  First thing he said was "Ever hear the saying of measure twice, cut once?" My first thought was "What did you do now, Luke?" as he is always trying to hang something new in his apartment.  Laughing, he then let me know that the Kindles were about a half inch too big to fit in the pocket.  I did measure and adjust the numbers for their kindles, but I guess I didn't figure in that the quilting would shrink things as much as it did.  Then I began the fun job of adding gussets to the pockets to save me from re-doing the entire project.  Lesson learned....too bad its from a smart-ass 21 year old.

Zakka Along 2.0


  1. I have said that very thing to myself once or twice lol Nice job on making 2 I struggled with one.

  2. oh darn! I have when those things happen! ;-( Glad you were able to fix though. It IS nice when our kids want us to sew for them!