Sunday, March 3, 2013

Starburst Quilt-a-long

Sadly, the day has arrived to show the finished product.............and all I have is a partially finished product.   I tried to get the quilting done but my repertoire is pretty much limited to, basically, straight line quilting.  I did try a meandering stitch with FMQ and picked out the mess I made and went with my old standby...which is taking forever.

Top half quilted, bottom half only pinned.

My scrappy binding is done and ready....does that count??

In my defense, I did manage to paint my living make it look nice when I finally display my new quilt.  I changed the yellow for a pale gray for the walls and deep gray for the mantle.  Still have to put all the furniture back in place.

 And I shoveled more snow....yuck........

OK...done making excuses................


  1. Oh, I think the binding definitely counts!!! When I heard she already had 50 quilts for the parade I knew I would never finish it!

    I think your straight line quilting looks really do you mark your quilt before you do it or do you use your foot as a guide? What kind of stitch length do you use? Straight line quilting is something I'd like to improve.

    Good luck in tomorrow's Starburst grand prize drawings!!!!

  2. Oh, and I meant to say your living room looks really good! I would like to some day paint my bedroom gray. It has splotches everywhere where I've tried out different shades, but I seem to always pick something kind of purple. What color did you use?

    1. Thanks Jamie, for the kind eases the guilt! Sending you an email.